1. in the dark hallway, in the basement of the building where a desk light glows in a quiet corner office. 2. patchouli and summer cellar dampness. the key left in the lock, the door ajar. 3. and the soft suck of kisses, holding her body tightly against his, pressed against the yellow cinder-block wall. 4. two feet off the floor.  hands navigating the physics she never understood. she could only imagine what he was dreaming about her. 5. his wife’s flanneled indifference, lying at an oblique angle on the queen size bed. 6. an object at rest, remains at rest. 7. he brings home a  package of double stuffed sandwich cookies and drops them on the coffee table. loosens his tie. steps out of his shoes. 8. he spends twenty minutes realizing there’s nothing on cable.  he stares blankly at the screen. his hand covers his mouth. patchouli and summer cellar dampness. 9. he wakes to his wife’s fingers fidgeting close to his face: open, says me.                                                    


Art–GIOTTO di Bondone No. 49 The Seven Vices: Infidelity


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